Hey there awesome reader, if you’re here, it probably means you’re curious about what this site is, and what we do. Well, keep reading on, and let me introduce you to my new baby: MAP Yoga.

A History Behind the Name

First things first, the number one question I have gotten from people asking about this site: what does MAP Yoga stand for? Well, the MAP in MAP Yoga stands for Michelle, Antoine, and Pamela, my yoga teachers who trained me to become a teacher myself. I named this site after them for two reasons. Firstly, my two biggest passions in life are travelling and yoga, so MAP ended up being a pretty useful play on words.

Secondly, I didn’t want to name this site after myself. Amymarleau.ca is so bland, and a little bit too “me” focused. I wanted to honour the legacy of the teacher/student relationship. Yoga is a massive practice, with so many different approaches, beliefs, exercise methods, sources of knowledge, a deep history, etc. Basically, more wisdom than can ever be learned in one lifetime.

The student/teacher relationship in yoga, is part of a lineage that dates back 5000 years, and maybe even more. This connection between a guru to their disciple, a disciple to their student, and this student to their future students, is the foundation upon which we learn about yoga, and pass on its wisdom. Prominent yoga students have named their practices after their teachers, such as Swami Vishnudevananda, who named his style of yoga after his teacher, Swami Sivananda.

All this to say, this is my way of honouring the knowledge that has been transferred to me through my teachers, and of passing on a little bit myself. After all, everything we know in life, we know because we have been taught by another.

An Introduction to This Blog

But, what is the purpose of this blog specifically? My reason for starting this blog is to help my friends, family, and whomever else may be interested, to learn a little more about my two greatest passions in life. It can at times be difficult to pass along knowledge during one-hour long yoga sessions, so this blog allows me the opportunity to explore interesting topics which may not already be covered in class. I, along with the help of some cool friends (who you can check out in the Writers section of the website), will be writing various posts about yoga and travel.

Blog posts will be posted once a week, *hopefully* every week, on various topics. Although the rest of the website is run for and by our founder Amy Marleau, the blog will be a group effort and hopefully grow to incorporate more and more friends. After all, unity and community are what MAP Yoga is all about!

So, what do you have to look forwards to? A few guest writers are set to be posting over the next few weeks or months (and trust me, you won’t want to miss these lovely surprises). As for me, the next few posts that I will be writing will be on: travelling Kaua’i (Hawaii), travelling Peru, an introduction to yoga, and a guide for students on saving money and travelling on a budget.

A Quick Look at our Features

So, what else can we do for you? Well, apart from the blog section and our social media, the website is not very interactive. However, feel free to look at the About Us section to learn more about our teacher/founder and the people who this website is named after. Want to join a group class? Check out the Calendar for dates and information (always check locations for classes, as some are offered in Vancouver and some in Montreal). Not sure whether you want to go to our classes or not? Check out the Testimonials page, and see what other people’s experiences have been.

Follow us on social media to stay connected, and feel free to message us with any blog requests or questions. Stay tuned for next week’s post, the lovely Melinda will be writing about her experiences travelling in India!



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