Wow, this place blew my mind.  

My first stop was Ubud where I spent 8 days.  The guest house I stayed at was incredible. It had a neverending pool, was surrounded by lush colourful gardens, cobble stones, and offered daily yoga.  Ubud is defiantly the yoga hub of Bali. One of my favorite places to hang out was the Yoga Barn. I did about 4 classes with different teachers, all whom were able to bring something so special to the room.  Its truley an increidble experience to pratice yoga in a room full of people from all over the world. Everyone has such a beautiful story within them, and the energy it creates in a room is powerful- everyone in a flow of emotion, strength, power and flexibilty.  Almost every class brought me to tears, and it was nice seeing I often wasn’t alone.

The Yoga Barn also offers an incredible holistic spa, offering massages, colon cleanses, reiki healing, and more.  There is also a cafe and restaraunt offering tons of amazing dishes. You can enjoy smoothies, coffees, kombucha, raw vegan desserts, macro bowls, vegan burgers, and so much more.

After Ubud I trekked over to Canggu.  Defiantly a differnt vibe from Ubud, but just as incredible!  Canggu is more of a surf town filled with tons of cafes and restaraunts.  If you come to Canggu, be prepared to eat! My favorites – Crate ( I ate here every day ), Canteen, Shady Shack, Warung Bu Mi, Samadi Bali, Cafe Vida.

I was lucky to stay at a hostel that offered free yoga every morning.  The teachers are volunteers from all over the world and will volunteer their teachings for a place to stay while they travel.  The shalla was always available for you to do your own pratice as well. Often I’d spend my time in there working on my own flows and handstands. There is a yoga studio on the main road called The Pratice.  Unfortunatly I did not take a class here, but I did check out the studio.. so serene! I really enjoyed my time in Canggu and would definetly suggest checking out the hostels that offer free yoga. Great for those budget travellers 😉

Lombok is about a 30 minute flight from Bali.  You can take a boat as well, but after the stories I have heard about the boats in Bali, a flight sounded much safer.  There were two studios that I checked out in Kuta, Lombok, Ashtari and Manas. Oh WOW these studios were unreal. Ashtari is way up on a hill overlooking the lush mountains and sea. The studio feels like tree house with open air, and simply the best view.  There is another studio connected to Ashtari called Novotel, which has an incredible view of sunset. After a class at Ashatri, you can head up to the cafe and enjoy a complimentary bowl of soup and toast. They offer a ton of other delicious items on their menu as well.  Some of the best avocado toast i’ve had for sure!

Manas yoga retreat is also in Kuta, Lombok.  I only spent a couple days here, and unfortunately was not able to participate in any classes due to injury.  I did to partake in the evening movies they played outside, ate tons of organic vegan food, and rested in big cozy bungalows.  The accommodation here is incredible with tons of options for all types of travelers. If you’re looking for an affordable and healing getaway, Manas is for you!

Bali to me was definitely a feeling.  I don’t know if I can make sense of that, but every where I went was a beautiful experience.  Every local, nomad, or backpacker you talked to had incredible stories to share and such big, kind hearts.  From yoga, the people, the food, Bali was an incredible journey.