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Travelling on a Budget

To start off with, let me just say that I’m not an expert on travelling in any way. However, I have been travelling since I was born. By combining my tricks and my mother’s tricks (the queen of budgets & effective travels), I’ve come up with several tips and tricks...

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Travelling to India

Stepping out of the airport in Bengaluru (Bengalore), I braced myself. From what people had told me, it was not going to smell very good.  I found myself pleasantly surprised. My nose took in the smells of spices and flowers. There was definitely some smog, but the...

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Welcome to MAP Yoga! Let’s Get Started

Hey there awesome reader, if you’re here, it probably means you’re curious about what this site is, and what we do. Well, keep reading on, and let me introduce you to my new baby: MAP Yoga. A History Behind the Name First things first, the number one question I have...

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