Meet Our Writers

Get to know more about Melinda and Danielle, whose writings will be available on our blog alongside our founders.




Former lifeguard, current yoga instructor.

Former social worker, current teacher.

Former aspiring blogger, current aspiring blogger. 😉


I am a big believer in constantly striving to become a better person. I value kindness and believe that society instills it in children, but sometimes forgets to maintain it in adults.

I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 7-8 years. Yoga has helped me in immeasurable ways, in virtually all aspects of my life. I am eternally grateful for the practice.

I absolutely love my native city of Montreal. I was born and raised in N.D.G. You cannot beat Montreal in the summertime. However, I dream of escaping to my fictitious life as a travel blogger during the dark, wintertime. I suspect that I have mild S.A.D., but I’ve never gone to see about it.

My interests include: travel, poetry, reading, teaching, yoga, swimming, attempting to play the ukulele, music, puzzles, the environment, camping, and star-gazing.





Danielle is an aspiring yogi and a Literature student who is passionate about many things, including passion itself (ooh, mysterious).

She loves discussing dreams of her own or the dreams of others. In fact, she would argue that there is no better way to truly get to know another human being.

She dreams of changing the world (for she is also an all-too environmentally-aware vegan), or of becoming an editor, writer, or teacher.

Danielle has been practicing yoga since she was but a wee little thing, and if she has learned one thing about it, it is that there will always be more to learn.

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